Hombrewers of Brewklyn and NJ

Possessed Kids
PvP Round 1

The group started where they left off immediately after purchasing items from Mirkmoot. He hitched up his supply cart and started off as he was exiled temporarily out of town. As the group started walking away they heard a sound coming from a nearby alleyway, as they got closer it sounded like a child crying. Rik Craggstagger and Elhand Cupshigh approached the child first and noticed blood all over his face, and deep black eyes without any whites to be seen. The group was quite cautious at the scene and the rest of the party arrived. After some banter back and forth, Oortus of Orkney was convinced to pick up the child in an attempt to bring it to the temple to be exorcised (or otherwise helped).

Just as the dwarf leaned down to pick it up, the child lunged up and attemped to bite him in an exposed part of his neck. The child must have been too excited for his upcoming meal as she reached up to grab the dwarf, she bit her own arm! The child was then attacked by the some of the party members. Using this opportunity, Rik decided to stab the dwarf square in the back. This caused quite the confusing battle scene, as arrows were flying past the two combatants, at this child who had some obvious issues. It didn’t seem to take very long before an arrow or a bolt smashed the kid to a bloody pulp. The blood splattered up and hit the Dwarf and the Rogue in the eyes sickening, but not blinding, them. As the battle settled to just the two Adventurers trading blows, Dryxl Darkstone decided he didn’t want to be stuck in an alleyway with a murdered child and bolted out of there at high speed, waving to Elhand that he should leave as hell. He only waited another few seconds before heading off to Tish’s place for some backup. As he raced by he noticed a guard rushing off somewhere, but it was hard to tell if he had heard all the ruckus going on, or going about his business.

Instead of following after the Mage, Elhand, in his diminutive frame, attempted to forcibly separate the fight. Being 2’6 against 250 lb Dwarf made that decision a poor one as he quickly found himself in between the two blades. He tried to reason with them a second time, but Rik just stepped around him and continued the assault. As the combat was reaching its apex, the guard that the Deep Gnome saw heading past turned into the mouth of the alleyway, ordering them to stop. Apparently the command came either too late, or was unheeded, as Oortus struck down Rik right before the guards eyes! The guard quickly approached and with two fell swoops of his long sword struck the dwarf down. Elhand took some time to attempt to stop the bleeding of his fellow Halfling, but to no avail. The guard tried once as well, but without any luck.

Just as Rik was at the end of the rope, something in his subconscious must have recalled his sister, and his vows and he stabilized without a moment to lose. Dryxl shows back up with a potion and rushes in past the guard and mumbles something about trying to heal people. Although, he never actually forces the potion down anyone’s throat. The guard quickly grows suspicious and tries to detain him, the Transmuter then decides its time to escape and tries to rush past the guard. The guard stabs him easily as he rushes by and forces his scrawny body into the wall. The whole party is arrested and brought to the Constable’s jail cell.

City Slicking Recap

City Slicking

The second run game based mostly out of Jusoun. The Party finished a few quests while in town, and managed to spend all of their money at the same time. Mirkmoot’s Request to save his Hobgoblin thugs led the party all around the city. The wandered around and talked to lots of people and finally managed to resolve the issue without irritating too many more people. Although, their resolution may have its own consequences.

Also, the group split up a little bit to run errands, and during this time found a quest to go find Tish’s contact. The party wandered out in the woods, did their business, and returned heroes (or something like that).

Before Mirkmoot was kicked out of Jusoun, the party each bought a fancy item from him. I wonder how useful they will be?

Intro Game Recap

Intro Game

Crossing the Mountains

Each of you has come for a special reason into the shimmering sands of Rimon Desert. The largest city in the area goes by the name of Jusoun.

In our first session, you traveled across the mountains into the Desert on a Caravan. You met a nice enough Caravan Guard by the name of Rhorvald. Each caravan was attacked by a 5’ gray, scaled beast that lacked eyes. The Grimlocks were able to do some heavy damage to the caravan, but didn’t do much to the party. A scroll was found on one of the Grimlocks.

After combat, the wheels were patched and the driver decided not to stop in the mountain and instead traveled throughout the night to get to the city. The party was able to get some sleep on the caravan and were relatively refreshed when dropped off at the southern gates.

Traveling People Part 1

Before the party made it into the city they were harassed by Throgier a Camel Loaner. He does what any good camel loaner would do and spreads some rumors so he can make money. One of the traveling people, Bedun, is waiting for the gates to open to ask for some able bodies possibly from the militia to help find some children that have gone missing. As the rumor mill is winding down, Bedun approaches the group with his pleas. He had been waiting to ask the Constable to spare a few men, but if they could go with him it would make things a lot easier.

Although there is some preference to go inside the city, the “save the children” foundation wins and the party heads off with Bedun, and are loaned some camels to ride on the traveling people’s dime. The party follows Bedun around the left side of the city and up the northwestern path and off somewhere into the desert. After traveling for an hour or so on Camel back, they head off the path and within 10 minutes find a hilly section with a cavern entrance.

The party explored the whole caves, finding a Solid metal door with a strange opening mechanism at one side. Getting ambushed by Kobolds in the front, and Elhand Cupshigh almost getting crushed to death on the other side. After “rescuing” the Kobold baby, the went back with the Traveling People.


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