Finished Quests

Kobold Youth Pt. 1 – The party has recovered one Kobold Youth for the Traveling People Bedun will find the party when another cave is discovered.

Mirkmoot’s Request – Mirkmoot’s Hobgoblins were accused of starting a bar fight in town at the GreyVulture. The party resolved the issue, but Gloran Fowler sent the Goblin and his thugs off. Luckily, the part was able to buy some fancy items before the goblin was kicked out

Find Tish’s Contact – Tish‘s contact Garsop hadn’t sent his normal update. The group finds him tied to a wall, with water beginning to fill the room. Elhand Cupshigh runs to try to free him, but the room goes dark and the group is quickly attacked. After a bloody battle, the group returns with Garsop who asks about the Bandits who did this to him.

Ongoing Quests

Saryla’s Letter – Saryla a Priest of Pelor sends a letter for the traveling people. Oortus of Orkney currently has the letter, and probably hasn’t informed the group about it. (Keep that in mind IC)

Suspicious Warehouse – The neighborhood watch is reporting some suspicious behavior coming from this “general storage” warehouse near the GreyVulture.

Long Term Player Quest

Rik Craggstagger – Trying to find his sister.

Oortus of Orkney – Looking for some lizard thing (Godzilla maybe?)

Elhand Cupshigh – Needs to defeat a Kobold Leader and then skin it

Dryxl Darkstone – Searching for Desert Salt


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