Hombrewers of Brewklyn and NJ

City Slicking Recap

City Slicking

The second run game based mostly out of Jusoun. The Party finished a few quests while in town, and managed to spend all of their money at the same time. Mirkmoot’s Request to save his Hobgoblin thugs led the party all around the city. The wandered around and talked to lots of people and finally managed to resolve the issue without irritating too many more people. Although, their resolution may have its own consequences.

Also, the group split up a little bit to run errands, and during this time found a quest to go find Tish’s contact. The party wandered out in the woods, did their business, and returned heroes (or something like that).

Before Mirkmoot was kicked out of Jusoun, the party each bought a fancy item from him. I wonder how useful they will be?



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